Sonni Hönscheid


Sonni Hönscheid

My dad was a professional windsurfer, we travelled around the world with him, growing up on the beautiful beaches, spending a lot of time on Hawaii. When I was 5 years old we moved to the Canary Islands, that's where I started windsurfing, surfing and later on Stand Up Paddling. Being in the water every day in all different conditions helped me to improve quickly and take part in Surfing competitions, becoming 12 x german surf champion. 

When I discovered SUP I fell in love with it !! My first SUP trip took me back to Maui, thats where I learned how to paddle downwinders. A local friend took me canoe sailing, canoe surfing and for the first time in an OC2 on a downwinder… I could feel that it helped me to understand and read the Ocean… 

The outrigger world is very new for me, specially paddling on an OC1. I love the feeling of being so close to the ocean, it feels different to SUP, but it also helps me to improves in my technique of paddling. On SUP or OC1 - what attracts me the most is gliding along a wave in the open ocean…and being able to paddle from island to island - it´s the biggest sensation of freedom I ever experienced !!


5 x European Champion SUP 
5 x Times World Champion SUP 
3 x Winner Molokai to Oahu 
12 x German Surf Champion

Ma pirogue

Référence: BOFE02

FELINE CARBON: Carbon, epoxy resin, sandwich PVC Foam
FELINE FIBERGLASS: Fiberglass, polyester resin
* Price depend of the composition and be defined as the price Ex works.