At Thames Ocean Fitness, we love the water and paddle sports. Both can be extraordinarily beneficial for your fitness, your flexibility and your general health. Our classes combine the harmony of nature the invigorating effect of the river and the adrenaline of cardio to create unique fitness experience that will help you to achieve your fitness goals in no time. At Thames Ocean, we love water, be it the Thames, the Sea or the Ocean. We want to share this love with you, helping you to get stronger, fitter using the best natural fitness resource there is – WATER !

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Cardio Endurance 

A series of adapted High Intensity Exercises during sessions of one hour, with no impact, and a special focus on hip and lower back flexibility.
Full body work - your leg muscles will be aching tooBig Muscles are sollicited- Back, Abs, creating an important energy consumptionCardio Improvement as soon as the first week

"Introductory price of  £10 per session and £100 pounds for 15 hours"

Paddling Technique and Tailored Sessions
If you want to improve your paddling technique and benfit evn further from the Cardio and Endurance sessions we recommend taking a minimum of 5 one on one technical session
you will be more comfortable on the boat
you will quickly understand the bio mechanic of the sport
your next cardio session will be much more intense and your endurance will improve quicker

"Introductory price of £15 for 45 min, £50 for 5 sessions"


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