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USERS GUIDE : Some advice to maintain our outrigger

Your are the lucky owner of an outrigger (OC1, OC2, Va'a) ? This little users guide is for you ! ;)


Although composite materials do no require special attention, we recommend to rinse your outrigger with clear water after each utilization, whether you opted for a fiberglass or a carbon model.
Particular attention will be needed on metal parts (cables, pedals, rudder), and tube supports on Iakos (on the outrigger and on the Ama). If you don't have a hose on hand, make sure you prepared a bottle of water and rinse this parts first, and you'll finish the whole outrigger once you've returned home.
You must disassemble your outrigger after each use. Indeed, your Iakos are made with aluminum while your tube supports are in carbon. To insure a great rigidity, the tolerance between Iako and tube support is only of 1/10th of mm. If you don't disassemble your outrigger you take the risk of an osmosis between carbon and aluminum, and this leads to an impossible disassembly.
It's good to lubricate metal parts and the inside of cable guide ducts with a silicon bomb (especially not WD-40, which is too greasy) 


If it's possible, it's better to store it inside. Uvs tend to tarnish the gel coat. If you can, use a cover as often as possible. Provide a place for your outrigger with suitable supports. These supports should be covered with a thick foam (The insulation foam tubs of the plumbing pipes will work) and placed at the level of the support tubes Iatos, in order to avoid dents or scratches. We advice to place the outrigger upside down on the supports. The deck is flatter, which will ensure a greater stability during the storage. However, do no forget to use a strap system to avoid any fall of the outrigger.


The best is to space out well your roof racks. Furnish its with foam and carefully girth your outrigger: if your outrigger is light, it's also fragile. Therefore, it's not recommended at all to use ratcheting straps. Before you hit the road, push laterally the front and the back of the outrigger to test the tightening of your straps. If you're going for a long road, stop several times to check the tightening. In order to take no risks use straps with SCS buckles which prevent the straps from loosening.

Finally, ensure that you comply with the specific legislation of the country you're going through.
In any case, we advise you not to forget the old-fashioned “red rag”.


1. First, put the two Iakos on the outrigger

2. Then put the back Iako on the Ama

3. Last, put the front Iako on the Ama

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