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The basics of the V6

The V6 or Va’aOno 

  The Va’a is the most ancient boat in the world, used by the Polynesians to explore the islands of the Pacific. It is a canoe with an AMA (outrigger) connected to the hull by two IATO (wooden arms for the V6). The va’a is a rapid, slender boat that can be used on both calm waters and on the ocean. 
The V6, six-seater Va’a, is the finest, measuring 13 meters. It is used in major races such as the HawaikinuiVa'a (Polynesia) and the Molokai hoe (Hawaii).
The V6 is composed of a team of six paddlers, each of whom plays a specific role based on their position in the boat.

The positions

The six paddlers are arranged from the front to the rear of the canoe:
  • “Te faahoromatanua”, or “FAAHORO”,is number 1. He sits at the front of the canoe. He sets the rowing rhythm, and is the example that the entire crew follows. Alone at the front, the Faahoro must have nerves of steel and feel his teammates through the boat. The Faahoro is a difficult position. In races lasting three to six hours, he must maintain the same rhythm and adapt it according to the sea and race conditions. He must also receive the TARE’s orders and modify the stroke and rhythm at his request.

  • “TearataiFaahoro”: number 2 paddles on the side opposite number 1. He helps the Faahoro maintain the pace. He must be perfectly in time with the Faahoro to avoid the rowers on his side being out of synch.