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"Instagram photo contest - #EveryWhereInOc" contest From 21/03/19 to 21/04/19


The limited liability company Woo Outrigger, whose head office is located at 2 aisle des artisans 64 600 Anglet, registered with the Registry of Commerce and Companies of Bayonne under the number 513 910 414 (hereinafter the Organizing Company), organizes a Game entitled « Instagram Photo Contest - #EveryWhereInOc "on Woo Outrigger's Instagram account from March 21, 2019 to April 21, 2019, the terms of which are set out in these rules. Participation in this Game is free and without obligation to purchase.

The Game will be available at the following address for the duration of the Game: 

The Participant acknowledges that he / she is aware of the Facebook / Instagram privacy policy which can be consulted directly on the site. Facebook / Instagram site. This Game is not managed or sponsored by Facebook / Instagram. Facebook / Instagram can not be held responsible in the event of litigation related to the Game.


This Game is open to any physical person of full age, having access to the Internet and a valid Instagram user account, associated with a valid email address, except for the staff of the organizing company, as well as anyone involved in the game. organization, realization, implementation, promotion and animation of the Game. The Organizing Company reserves the right to ask any participant to justify these conditions. Anyone who does not fulfill these conditions or refuses to justify them will be excluded from the Game. The mere fact of participating in the Game implies the unreserved acceptance of the present rules, in all its provisions, by the participant.


To participate, each participant will have to connect to Woo Outrigger's Instagram account:

To play, from March 21, 2019 to April 21 at 00h00, french hours, 2019 :

  1. Go to the Instagram account
  2. Subscribe to Instagram Woo Outrigger Account
  3. Take a picture
  4.  Post your photo on your personal Instagram account with the hashtag #EveryWhereInOC and tag @woo_outrigger on the photo.
The user will need to have a public account to make his participation visible to the brand. A user has the opportunity to participate and try his luck on the duration of the contest and several times. 

Some tips to put the odds on your side :

• Make us dream with grandiose places

• Take a picture in good quality with a beautiful light

• Conditions of participation : The format of the photo must be respected. The photo must be taken in the first person (as if seen through your eyes).

• Put the #EveryWhereInOc

• The winning photo will be the one with the most likes, share it to your friends.

Participation in the Game is not limited to one photo per person. The user can send as many photos as he wants. All photos that are contrary to public order and morality are prohibited. Thus, the Organizing Company reserves the right to withdraw from the Game, without notice, any pornographic, racist, violence-inducing or non-play-related photograph. The participant also declares and warrants that he / she has copyrights on the photograph (s) posted for either the author (photograph taken personally), or for having obtained the express agreement of the author of the photograph or persons identified on the or the photo(s) so that the responsibility of the Organizing Company can not be engaged because of the use of the photo in the context of this Game. Photographs must not show any mark or other support of law intellectual property belonging to a third party.

In any case, to participate validly in the Game, the participant must strictly comply with the conditions of registration as defined in each case, on the online services of the Organizing Company and those of its partners, as well as any other instructions communicated to him by any other means.


The Game will designate among all registered entries, the 3 photos that have received the most likes and respecting the conditions of participation.

In descending order of the number of like :

- The first photo (the most liked) will receive a voucher worth 400 euros TTC on all products and service WOO.

- The 2nd photo will receive a cover 4 paddles worth 65 € TTC

- The 3rd photo will receive a t-shirt and a cap worth 35 € TTC

Prizes are non-exchangeable, non-replaceable, non-refundable, and may not result in monetary consideration, for whatever reason even in the event of loss, theft or damage.

Prizes that can not be awarded as a result of an error, omission or modification in the coordinates provided by the winners will be retained by the organizing company.


The winners will be selected on April 22, 2019 according to the following criteria: The respect of the rules, the 3 photos having obtained the most of like on Instagram. A person can not win two prizes, even if the two or three most liked photos belong to him. The winners will be announced in commentary of the photo contest and in commentary of their winning photo.

Winners will be contacted by private message on their Instagram account.

The winners will have a period of fifteen days from the announcement of the winners to confirm their acceptance of the lot and share their details. Any winner who does not respond within this time will be deemed to have forfeited his / her prize altogether. At the end of this period, the unclaimed lot will be definitively lost.

The prizes will be sent by mail to the mailing address provided by the winners. Prizes can not give rise to any dispute of any kind, nor the delivery of their equivalent cash, nor any consideration of any nature whatsoever.

The Organizing Company can not be held responsible in case of non-delivery of the publication announcing the gain, in case of failure of the access provider, in case of failure of the Internet network or for any other case.

The Organizing Company reserves the right to replace any endowment with another endowment equivalent in value and characteristics, for any reason whatsoever without liability being incurred in this regard

The Organizing Company reserves the right to ask any participant to justify the information communicated during its participation in the Game and in particular authorizes all the verifications on the identity or the coordinates of the participant.


All participants must comply with this Regulation

The Organizing Company may cancel the participation (s) of any entrant who has not complied with these Rules, and reserves the right to delete any fraudulent comments. This cancellation can be done at any time without notice.

It is strictly forbidden, by any means whatsoever, to modify or attempt to modify the features of the proposed Game, in particular in order to modify the results or any element determining the winners and the prizes assigned to them.

Any information inaccurate, misleading or not respecting the conditions of participation in the Game will result in the immediate elimination of the participant and if necessary the refund or the return of the lot already sent, at the choice of the Organizing Company.


The Organizing Company reserves the right to use the names of the participants and winners without any consideration. The participant authorizes, by participating in this Game, the Organizing Company to reproduce, represent, use and distribute his photo posted on instagram.

The participant acknowledges that the transfer of these rights will not result in the payment of any compensation or consideration. The participant guarantees that he is not bound by an exclusive contract concerning the use of his image or his name. Each winner accepts in advance the use of his first and last names on any medium whatsoever, for advertising or other purposes, on the Internet or not, for a maximum of 1 year without this use being able to entitle him to another profit than the lot won. In the event that a winner does not wish it, it will have to stipulate it by writing a message which sent to the team in charge of the page Woo Outrigger's Facebook when the confirmation of acceptance of his gain.


The organizing company can not incur any liability if, in case of force majeure or events beyond its control or justified necessity (for example, if the Game could not proceed properly due to a virus, a bug, the intervention of an unauthorized third party, fraud, technical and / or postal problems), it was obliged to cancel the present Game, shorten it, extend it, postpone it or modify its conditions.

The organizing company can not be held responsible for any fact not attributable to it, especially in case of misdirected mail, malfunction or interruption of communications or telephone lines, the unavailability of the website, technical malfunctions, Internet network malfunctions and, more generallyz, risks inherent in any connection and transmission, the lack of protection for certain.

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