Christmas Competition : Try to win your outrigger canoe !

BIG CHRISTMAS DRAW : you want to buy an WOO Outrigger canoe ? Win a Woo outrigger canoe !

  Santa Claus is coming in town! This year WOO and TotalSup want to celebrate Christmas properly ! We have decided to reward the lucky buyer of a new outrigger canoe with a full or partial refund via prize draw. It’s simple! When you purchase a new outrigger canoe from Woo, you will be entered into a draw and be in with a chance of receiving a full reimbursement for the model you’ve just ordered!

So, if you feel you might be tempted by a brand-new outrigger canoe, this might just be the time to dive right in, head first! The competition will be valid for the purchase of any Feline, Pueo, Rafale or Fai3x model, and the draw will take place via Facebook Live in Guadeloupe on 7 January during our Downwind Camp !

So how does it work?

  • For every 20 outrigger canoes (or more!) that are ordered before 31 December, 1 customer will be entirely reimbursed for their purchase.
  • 15-19 outrigger canoes ordered – 1 customer will receive a 75% reimbursement.
  • 10-14 outrigger ordered – 1 customer will receive a 50% reimbursement.
  • 5-9 outigger canoes ordered – 1 customer will receive a 25% reimbursement.
  • 1-4 outrigger canoes : 1 customer will receive a paddle bag, a leash and a Woo t-shirt.

All models ordered during this period will be delivered with a Woo t-shirt regardless.


  • Entry into the prize draw will be validated when the order is validated, that is to say, the date on which a 50% purchase price down payment is made on the model ordered.
  • There is no limit on entries into the draw. Anyone who orders more than one model will be entered into the draw again for each model purchased.
  •  The prize draw is open to customers from any country.
  • The prize draw is open to individuals only (not companies)

In order to ensure full transparency, the names of each customer will be posted on the header post promoting the prize draw on Woo's Facebook page, as the orders come in and each name is collected.

To order your Woo, get in touch with Santa:
phone number : +33(0)6 07 48 70 88
or fill in the TotalSUP form and Santa will call you back!

See you soon on the water with Woo Outrigger and TotalSUP

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