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This winter paddlers from all over the world joined the Woo Family to discover, progress and enjoy Guadeloupean DownWind.  This year again Caribbean islands will have charmed more than one, sun, warm water and Downwind were there! Relive through these 10 photos some moments of gliding and sharing spent in the sun.

1. L'îlet blanc, an unforgettable departure from DownWind!

Guadeloupe is amazingly diverse, in the north of the island, the "Grand cul-de-sac marin" is a paradise for Down Wind. While sailing there you can't miss the different islands! Here a little break on the white island for Sylvain. 

2. It's time to go there ! 

Start, Pointe des Chateaux, 15 knots set, 1.5 metre swell, great sunshine! This day, Ben will also have the chance to meet some Turtles between two bumps. 

3. Bump !

Congratulations to Eric, winner of Ze Race 2020! Without Down Wind during Ze Race, Eric had the opportunity to enjoy some good surfs during his week. 

4. The Feline in its favorite element ! 

Our Californian friend in action. Always at the front of the group, Kas has figured out how to tame the Feline!

5. The sea is getting darker, the wind forced, don't panic, it's a squall. 

The squall: wind speeds up and the rain whips your face! Stay calm and stay on course : bumps line up and the surfing follows one after the other : exhilarating !

6. The conditions aren't good? A chance to discover the Mangrove. Unique! 

Paddling in Guadeloupe is discover all its coasts. But when the ocean is too strong, the Caribbean island also hides some unsuspected courses. 

7. In OC2 or OC1 we enjoy in group ! 

15 OC on the water, record broken, like a training before Ze Race! 

8. The Bumps are chained and the slide does not stop any more … 

 The arrived is behind the point but the bumps don't stop, neither do we!

9. At Saint François the entrance of the Passe Champagne brings us back to the lagoon. 

Between the Lagoon and open Ocean there are always obligatory passes. Cape to the buoy! 

10. A memorable week is also about meeting and sharing! 

End of Camp! Last Downwind, smiles and good mood, everyone has progressed and in complete safety. 
Last bath in the Lagoon before going back to the villa for the debriefing. 

@ Woo Outrigger / L. Cividino

Posté par Luc Cividino

Luc Cividino
Spécialiste des sports de pagaies, encadrant Canoe Kayak et discipline associés (diplômes fédéral et universitaire), j'ai débuté la pirogue en 2017. En 2017 j'entre dans l'aventure Woo Outrigger au coté de Guy et Fanny Ringrave. Vous pourrez me croiser à l'atelier ou lors des Down Wind Camp que j'encadre aux cotés de Benoit Arribat ! #TakeTimeToPaddle Specialist in paddle sports, coaching Canoe Kayak and associated disciplines (federal and university degrees), I started paddling in 2017. In 2017 I joined the Woo Outrigger adventure alongside Guy and Fanny Ringrave. You can meet me at the workshop or during the Down Wind Camp that I am coaching alongside Benoit Arribat! #TakeTimeToPaddle

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  1. JARED CARNEYCommentaire posté le 27/12/2020 par JARED CARNEY

    Hello, I am going to the Bahamas February 2021 and wondering if you know of any OCa there? Thank ylu

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